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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of oil mist purifier

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the types of oil mist purifiers? Industrial oil mist purifier must exist as a kind of purification equipment in the manufacturing process of metal industry, because this industry cannot control the generation of oil mist in the production and operation process. Oil mist will not only damage machines and equipment, but also affect the surrounding ambient air and harm human body. Therefore, the use of purifier is very key at present. In terms of industrial market, our oil mist purification equipment is mainly divided into the following categories, and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of purifiers are also different.

1. Oil mist purifier for mechanical industry

The main application scenarios of the purifier are in some relatively large industrial scenarios, which is actually the mainstream purification method used to purify oil mist in our industrial scenarios. The advantage of mechanical purifier is that it can greatly reduce the concentration value of oil mist, but also make the pretreatment part automatically intercept impurities, so it can not be blocked. Its disadvantage is that it is a very traditional purification method, which is inconvenient in the later maintenance process, and the maintenance cost is very good, which is not conducive to the realization of economic cost saving.

II Wet industrial oil mist purifier

In the process of oil mist purification, the wet purifier mainly uses water mist to realize oil mist purification and filtration. Using this type of purifier can save energy. Because its water droplet particles have strong adsorption capacity for oil mist, it does not need too high voltage to realize purification. Its limitation is that its scope of use is relatively limited, such as it is not suitable for use in restaurants and other occasions, It needs to be cleaned frequently.

III Composite industrial oil mist purifier

This product refers to the purification technology of electrostatic purification of oil mist. According to the wet purification principle of oil mist or activated carbon, different electrostatic purification methods are adopted to realize the purification of oil mist. In the process of purifying oil mist, the device can realize a large number of oil mist purification and improve air quality. Its disadvantage is that it is suitable for industrial field, because it is a combined purification structure, It is not suitable for the maintenance and use of individual users.