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Oil mist collector uses

As long as it is the production of oil mist, water mist industrial machinery can basically use the oil mist collector, currently used more is the machine tool industry and so on. At present, manufacturers will be equipped with the corresponding oil mist collector, the market is also a lot of oil mist collector brand, let's take a look at the knowledge of the oil mist collector!

Oil mist collector introduction:

Benefits of oil mist collector:

1. Reduce the impact on employees: 0.3-3.5um oil mist particles will remain in the human body, causing harm to health.

2, reduce work-related accidents: oil mist deposition makes the working area, floor, aisle slippery, easy to cause wrestling accidents.

3, reduce fire risk: oil deposition on the wall, ceiling, equipment to form a potential fire risk.

4. Reduce the consumption of coolant: the recycled oil mist can be reused to reduce the economic expenditure of coolant for the factory.

Oil mist collector is a kind of environmental protection equipment installed in CNC machining center, discharge processing machine, die casting machine, milling machine, grinding machine, CNC lathe and other kinds of machine tools, the oil mist generated in machining, water mist collection and purification.