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Why should the machine processing industry install lampblack oil mist collection purifier?

It can be said that the worrying factory environment directly or indirectly leads to the factory itself, such as employee injury accidents, unstable product quality, high equipment failure rate, serious employee turnover and other problems, and also has varying degrees of impact on the surrounding living environment. Therefore, the installation of oil mist collection purifier (oil mist machine) has become an inevitable choice for machining enterprises. The following lists the benefits of installing oil mist machine:

1. Prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment: excessive oil mist in the workshop is easy to cause damage to precision instruments and equipment or electrical, circuit board and other equipment, which increases the unnecessary maintenance cost of the company.

2. reduce labor costs: nowadays it is difficult to recruit workers, the same type of work if the working environment is not good need to pay more remuneration to retain good technical personnel.

3. Reduce the cleaning and cleaning cost of workshop and equipment: the increase of oil mist will lead to frequent cleaning and cleaning of workshop floor and equipment, and increase the environmental health cost.

4. Increase employees' confidence in the enterprise and improve work efficiency: As an enterprise responsible for employees, the impact of the working environment on employees' health should be considered in the first place. Moreover, in today's industrial society, where there is a shortage of technical personnel, only a good working environment can enable companies to retain skilled personnel and improve work efficiency.

5. reduce the harm to the health of employees: any form of oil mist, smoke pollution will cause long-term harm to the lungs, throat, skin and so on, sow harm to health.

6. reduce the risk of accidents or work-related injuries: there is no oil mist machine in the processing workshop, because of the oil mist leads to the accumulation of oil in equipment, road and ground, high altitude work, equipment maintenance, ground walking is prone to fall, electric shock, sliding and other accidental work-related accidents.

7.reduce the risk of fire: let the oil mist spread everywhere to the surface of the object, accumulate over a long period of time, increase the hidden danger of fire.

8. Reduce the amount of coolant: the oil mist is recycled and then recycled to the machine tool water tank for recycling, so that the company can usually save 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the cost of oil.

9. Reduce the use cost and maintenance cost of air conditioning heating: after the oil mist is collected, the clean air can be circulated indoors, and the maintenance cost of air conditioning heating can also be effectively reduced. If the pipe is used, the air conditioning and heating will be pumped out to increase the air conditioning load and electricity.

10. Avoid being punished for bad environment: if the environment is polluted, it may be punished by the environmental protection department due to complaints from employees or nearby residents.

11. apply for 14000 environmental system certification necessary equipment: to pass 14000 environmental system certification, the premise of your workshop air indicators must be qualified, workshop in the air dust, oil mist content is an important indicator.

12.improve the corporate image: the good working environment of the factory can improve the corporate image, avoid the name of the black-hearted factory, but also to win more orders to lay the foundation.

To sum up, the installation of lampblack oil mist collection purifier (oil mist machine) can directly or indirectly produce economic benefits for enterprises, and this is the reason why lampblack oil mist purifier is gradually recognized and accepted by manufacturing enterprises and factories.