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Environmental protection polishing machine and traditional polishing machine difference

    In order to make the polishing damaged layer does not affect the observation structure, the polishing machine has become a very important processing tool, so that the polishing operation is more efficient, at the same time, the type of polishing machine is also very concerned.


  Environment-friendly polishing machine


    Hand polisher

    Compared with the traditional manual polishing equipment, the environmentally friendly polishing machine can polish the workpiece in batches. After polishing, batch operation, greatly improve the work efficiency and polishing effect. 3 to 20 minutes can be polished once, simple operation, one person can operate multiple equipment at the same time, cost saving, improve work efficiency. Environmentally friendly polishers can complete assigned tasks faster, with more advantages and efficiency than manual labor. It can not only remove dust from the surface, but also polish the surface, very practical. At the same time, we usually use the process, should do more inspection, find hidden dangers in advance. In case of failure, you can follow the corresponding methods on the reference books for maintenance.

    A polishing wheel is usually used as a polishing tool. Polishing wheels are usually made of layers of canvas, felt, or leather. Both sides are clamped by a metal round plate, and the edges are coated with polishing agent, which is evenly mixed with micro-abrasive and grease. When polishing, the high speed rotating polishing wheel (the circumferential speed is more than 20m/s) is pressed on the workpiece, making the abrasive roll and micro cutting the workpiece surface, so as to obtain a bright processing appearance. The surface roughness can usually reach Ra0.63-0.01 micron, the choice of non-greasy extinction polish, can be on the bright surface of the extinction, improve the appearance. When small household appliances are mass-produced, the use of automatic polishing machine is the most effective.